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Digital Risk Protection

Continuously monitor the Surface, Deep and Dark Web for your critical business data and threats to your organisation.

The Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform continuously monitors the Dark Web, hacker forums, and paste and bin sites looking for threats to your business, or leaks of your data.

Skurio DRP combines continuous 24/7 monitoring with real-time alert notifications, allowing you to quickly triage and investigate any new threats, vulnerabilities, or data breaches, to minimise the impact of any incidents.

Why choose Skurio?

Why choose Skurio

Managing cybersecurity inside your network alone is no longer enough

With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies and digital transformation driving complex supply chains, corporate data is increasingly being stored and processed outside the network perimeter.

Traditional cybersecurity approaches like endpoint protection, intrusion detection, and network traffic analysis, are no longer enough to defend an organisation against data loss or targeted threats, particularly if one of your supply chain partners is hit.

Digital Risk Protection provides an additional layer of proactive monitoring and reassurance for organisations of any size.

Choose the solutions Skurio

Dark Web Monitoring

Automated Surface, Deep and Dark Web monitoring for any type of threat or data 24x24.

Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence

Expanded sources and powerful filtering and analytics for threat hunting.

Data Breach Detection

  • Instant notifications: SMS, Email and Teams
  • Manage investigations
  • Get analyst help in-app

Use cases of Skurio technologies

Protect your staff

Prevent phishing attacks by identifying compromised credentials.


  • Leaked credentials
  • Breached personal data
  • VIP attacks


How we help:

  • Prevent phishing
  • Worst offender insights
  • Monitor for identity theft

Protect your customers

Customers need to trust brands.


  • Data Breaches
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Secure the supply chain


How we help:

  • Monitor for data breaches at scale
  • Provide audit trails
  • Monitor the supply chain

Protect your network

Securing the network from the inside is not enough.


  • Open port scanning
  • VPN hacking
  • Advanced attack planning


How we help:

  • Attack planning
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Third party application monitoring

Protect your brand

Fake news doesn’t sleep.


  • Impersonation
  • Fake news
  • Cyber ​​incidents


How we help:

  • Brand monitoring
  • Customer data monitoring
  • Typo and domain monitoring

Protect your goods and services

Counterfeit products are an issue.


  • Fake goods
  • Digital content abuse
  • Intellectual property breach


How we help:

  • Market monitoring
  • Intellectual property monitoring and detection
  • Digital content protection

Protect your profits

Stay one step ahead of customer fraud.


  • Revenue leakage
  • Promotion abuse
  • Contract loopholes


How we help:

  • Discover the leaks
  • Prevent coupon fraud
  • Close contract loopholes

What makes it special Skurio?


Low entry point and generous search volumes. Great packages and no hidden extras.

Ease of use

Skurio is quick to deploy and easy to use. No need for prior experience or skills.


Skurio data collection is highly automated and is easily configured to remove unnecessary noise.

Use cases

Skurio offers an unbeatable range of use cases including brand and customer data monitoring.


Comprehensive monitoring of surface, deep and Dark Web with swift onboarding of new sources.


In-app ‘Ask-an-Analyst’ and Takedown requests. Expert intelligence analyst service packages.

What makes Skurio special?

How it works Skurio?




  • Search for compromised data or threats using a historic search

  • Refine sources and search terms with exclusions to optimise results

  • Create Alert Monitors to scan for new threats and data leaks 24x24




  • Filter results and establish context with snippets to triage results

  • Manage Alert Monitors




  • Save messages and prioritise them

  • Add Comments and update their status

  • Request help or a post takedown using our Ask-an-Analyst feature

  • Leverage indicators

Don't think about the Dark Web, we control it

Choose Skurio technology for continuous analysis of the Dark Web, looking for your data and scams against you.

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Traditional approaches to cybersecurity are no longer enough to defend an organization from data loss or targeted threats.

Digital Risk Protection provides an extra layer of proactive monitoring, a strong reassurance for organizations of any size.

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